6 Tips for Smoother website development in WordPress

If you have an idea of developing a website for your business but are worried about smooth website development in WordPress, then the blog is especially for you. It provides you with tips for developing the best website.

6 Tips for Smoother website development in WordPress

WordPress is becoming popular and coming into the limelight with the passing days. It offers a flexible and user-friendly content management system.

Fast and speedy updates in web content and blogs are the most attractive quality of using WordPress. It also enables us to install updated themes and plugins on the website. It is one of the most demanding content management systems of enterprises, with the ability to carry eye-catching website design with rich and lengthy web content. You can also hire a WordPress developer to develop a website at your convenience.

To catch the attention of visitors, we regularly add various latest features and functionalities to the website. However, it can affect the user experience by increasing the website loading time, which can indirectly irritate website users or visitors, resulting in loss of website traffic and switching to use another website. 

Although the website has an attractive design, unique content, latest features, and functionalities, if the website loading time is more, users may switch to another website without considering the good part. It can lead to your business loss.

Here are some tips which can help you to develop a smooth website in WordPress for your business.

Tips for smooth website development


  • Select a good theme
  • Optimize your website content
  • Install a caching plugin
  • Use a CDN
  • Reduce the number of HTTP request
  • Use WordPress hosting

Select a good theme

Select a good theme

One of the essential tips for website development based on WordPress is selecting an appropriate theme. In WordPress, you can find great themes that you can choose according to your business and choose an attractive theme with the latest features and works smoothly.

As WordPress separates the design part from the content pages, you won’t need to change the content if you update or make any changes in the theme.

As a wide variety of themes are available, all the themes are made differently, and some themes are free of cost, which needs to be checked as unnecessary coding can affect the speed.

You can also choose a customizable theme that you can customize, or the WordPress development company you selected can customize it as per your needs.

Optimize your website content

Optimize your website content

Your website’s page content plays a vital role in attracting, usage, and speed. The page loading speed depends on the range because various types of content load at different rates. For example, if the website contains many images, videos, and words, it will take more time to load than others.

You can use a plugin to avoid the video or audio content from loading before the user reaches that part of the page where audio and video stuff are assimilated.

Cascading Style Sheets is the code on a web page that guides your web browser in which format it should be laid. The code is mainly written to make it simple to read, which means a lot of blank lines and white spaces are present in the code.

Install a caching plugin

Install a caching plugin

Considering the layout different from the content is one of the most fruitful things to use WordPress to develop your website, but it also has some disadvantages. For example, wherever a visitor uses a web page, WordPress combines the layout with the content to reload the page.

The WordPress development company can save a copy of each page so that the saved copy of a page can be sent to the visitors instead of reloading the content and theme every time. Thus, it will save time and indirectly will speed up your website.

Use a CDN

Use a CDN

As we have already mentioned, some of the factors such as image, audio, and video files slow down the loading speed of your website page. However, it will increase once your website gets famous and more visitors are attracted to it.

A CDN or content delivery network will let you host the most resource files separately from your website. For example, you can load video, audio, image, and other files from CDN to decrease the load on your server.

They are known as CDN because they have a network of servers that can share the load. You can hire a WordPress developer who is near CDN servers so that it saves loading time.

Reduce the number of HTTP request

Reduce the number of HTTP request

When visitors visit your page, their browser will send an HTTP request to your webserver to load the page. Every single page gets an individual request.

Every image, video, script, and stylesheet gets its request. As there are more recommendations, it will take a longer time to load the website.

Diminishing the number of requests by combining the same things into one single file or removing some irrelevant images and other content will ultimately improve the page loading speed.

use wordpress hosting

Every web hosting service supports WordPress but supporting it and optimizing it are two wholly different things. WordPress hosting service configures its server so that it runs WordPress-based websites as quickly as possible.

They are familiar with WordPress and how it works so, besides site performance and web design reviews, they mainly offer much better technical support for any WordPress questions if you have.



It is undeniable that people like to wait for the website to take much time to load, it can irritate people, and they can even leave your website permanently. If you reduce the loading time of your web page, it will ultimately enhance the speed and performance of your website and improve the user experience. In addition, it can directly increase your SEO ranking and search list, which is an essential thing in marketing.

Decreased hosting bandwidth consumption and faster client-side or site loading speed can favour you in both the long term and the short term.

If you want to improve the traffic value of your website and want to attract more visitors to your website, you must go through the blog to enhance your website development and reach more users. You can also hire a WordPress developer to develop the website.

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